Blind life, culture, and tech

Hosts Jake and Patrick let the world in on the secrets of the blind community: the good, the bad, and the fugly.

BlindSided – Eps 003 – “The Man Who Saw Too Little”

  Musical guess Marcus Cardwell shares his story of vision loss and remarkable psychological recovery with hosts Jake and Patrick. This episode explores the difference between being born with blindness versus having it thrust upon you later in life. #GoPanthers

BlindSided – Eps 002 – “Dis in disability”

Jake and Patrick discuss some of the ignorant and flagrantly disrespectful things they've heard and experienced. Guests Gerilyn and Ciaran talk about their first impressions on encountering blindness and commiserate with the hosts on the rudeness of a few bad apples.

BlindSided – Eps 001

Episode 001 of the BlindSided podcast, Jake and Patrick introduce themselves, their lives, and this project.