Episode 10 – “Respect” w/Nathan Ehrmann

This episode, Nathan Ehrmann returns! We learn all about how our show causes breakups, what it's like to take an interview with an 8th grader, and how show businesses owns their talent (and L.A.). Come join please! Extras: Follow Nathan on Twitter: @JustMadeByNate Have a question? E-mail us at questions@contentpending.com, or call/text us at 802.359.SHOT [...]

Episode 6 – “Stormly”

Travis, Dylan and Heat-Bro gather on the patio to talk about The Storm, Artificial Intelligence, the FACT that Whataburger is waaaay better than In-N-Out and Arnold Schwarzenegger's country western hit, "Earthquake Love" Extras: Trump, in Moth form What Exactly is this Storm thing? Elon Musk warns about AI "Earthquake Love" Have a question? E-mail us [...]

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Episode 5 – “Sleep Gambling”

In this episode we learn the dirty side effects of Ambien, legal precedent, and amusement park deregulation. Come join us! Extras: Steve Martin talks about sleep gambling Ambien Binge Eating Yes Virginia, there is a Toast Sandwich Ruth Bader Ginsburg is WRONG The Euthanasia Coaster The Real Life Deadly Coaster The Epcot Compute-a-Coaster that could [...]

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