Episode 32 – “Pistols for Pride” w/ Arielle Isaac Norman

How to do your best without projecting too hard, the difficulty of anticipating behavior with tone, and the clashing ideologies of fear, safety, and the right to free speech. Come join us! Links to things: Follow Arielle on the Twitters Starbucks kicked out cops. Then apologized. Have a question? E-mail us at questions@contentpending.com, or [...]

Episode 31 – “Keanu Memes” w/Nick Canedo

or Superman's Not Dead. Losing Swamp Thing but gaining The Boys, the pleasure (and difficulty) of getting back into Comic Books, how the internet might ruin the Keanu Renaissance (AKA Kean-aissance), trying to figure out the Abby Johnson "documentary" Unplanned, and Travis gives a quick review of Detective Pikachu. Come join us! Links to things: "Swamp [...]

Episode 3 – SXSW 2018

After a successful SXSW event (Day Drinking With Friends), we sit down with DJ Yoshi Fuerte to do a round up, talk about mashup musics, and finally introduce the Tommy Westphall Universe. Come join the conversation! Extras: Josh's Mashup that made Travis lose his mind More or Les - Chili Recipe Westphall Universe Map Singing Detective [...]