Episode 29 – “Orbit”

The boys try to recount all the things that spark joy, dream of meeting the cast of Letterkenny, try to figure out American politics, and enjoy a super soft birthday. Come join us! Links to things: Austin Television Festival Follow "Letterkenny" star/creator Jared Keeso Follow "Letterkenny" co-star/comedian K. Trevor Wilson on the Twitters Watch the [...]

Episode 26 – “Pixels”

Travel agents, Steve Bannon vs The Pope, "Pixels" is FINE, Rogue One is worse, but "Abby's" takes the cake. Check it out! Surprise Getaway Travel Experiences: Next-Where and Pack Up + Go DJ Sommelier Bannon vs The Pope "Abby's"... if you dare... Have a question? E-mail us at questions@contentpending.com, or call/text us at 802.359.SHOT (7468) [...]

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Episode 24 – “Canned Cereal” w/ Rob Gagnon

Rob tries to explain his show, Sandbox, without getting distracted, Travis forgets the name of the flat earth documentary "Behind the Curve," and we try a snack! Check it out! Follow Rob on the Twitter:@RobGagnons All other things Gagnon Previous Episodes of the Sandbox Podcast Have a question? E-mail us at questions@contentpending.com, or call/text [...]

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Episode 23 – “Sweaquity”

Legendary Christmas Super-fans Avery Moore and Adam Hrabik drop by to talk about the Sopranos (both show and pinball game), Henry Kitchen, Mystery Men, Tom Cruise's secret (but not that one), and stalking strippers. Come have a drink with us! Follow Avery on Twitter: @AveryReedMoore Follow Adam on Twitter: @ahrabik Check out Avery and Adam's [...]

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